As a way to ensure the traceability, quality and organic certification of their products, the Group decided to plant and grow their own agaves.


Owning the agave plants, helps us regulate the agricultural practices at all stages of life of the plant: from transplanting the pups, sheltering them to age for almost seven years, to the handmade harvest. The harvest is done by expert Jimadores, who extract the agave core, cutting their stalks so they can be taken to the production plant.

All these plantations are located mainly in Jalisco, but some of them are located in the neighboring state of Guanajuato. We mainly use fields not suitable for food agriculture but perfect for agave crops. This way, NutriAgaves promotes the appropriate use of fields.

TecnoAgrox is the company specially designed to ensure the availability and quality of the company┬┤s agave crops.

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